Nutrition Consulting

We offer a wide variety of options to get your nutrition dialed in at CrossFit Kinnick

Here is some background info on Coach Jeremy:


Jeremy Kinnick

Head Trainer at CrossFit Kinnick & Trainer for CrossFit Defense Course

Certifications: Level 2 CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit Competitor’s Course, CrossFit Basic Barbell, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Strongman, CrossFit Defense, USAW Sports Performance Coach, S.P.E.A.R. PDR Instructor
CrossFit Experience: 10 years
CrossFit Training Experience: 9 years

CrossFit Games Experience:
2008 CrossFit Games Finals: 77th Place Worldwide
2009 CrossFit Games Finals: 29th Place Worldwide
2011 CrossFit Games Finals: 40th Place Worldwide
2012 CrossFit Games Finals: 31st Place Worldwide
2015 CrossFit Games Finals Team: 26th Place Worldwide

CrossFit Games Regional/Masters Experience:
2010 Southwest Regional Individual: 8th Place
2011 SoCal Regional Individual: 3rd Place
2012 SoCal Regional Individual: 3rd Place
2013 SoCal Regional Individual: 9th Place
2014 SoCal Regional Team: 5th Place
2015 California Regional Team: 3rd Place
2016 California Regional Team: 24th Place
2017 Masters 35-39 Online Qualifier: 49th Place Worldwide
2018 Masters 35-39 Online Qualifier: 138th Place Worldwide

From Coach Jeremy:

“Thanks for reaching out for some help with your nutrition. I have had a great deal of success, since starting Crossfit, with my nutrition. A little back story about me. When I started Crossfit in April/May of 2007 I was weighing in at about 235# with about 30% body fat. I was sitting behind a desk living a typical American lifestyle. Through Crossfit and properly balanced & eventually clean eating I lost a bunch of weight and have had great success with my performance as well. Over the years I have tested different ideas that are out there and have always come back to proper balanced eating with clean/unprocessed/natural foods. In January of last year I really dialed in my nutrition more than ever. I have never been a believer in cheat meals and actually went about 2 years without a cheat meal until after the Games. It wasn’t worth it. At any rate I decided that I was too heavy and it wasn’t necessarily body fat that was the issue. I had to cut lean mass as well. I went from 203# to 185# in a matter of a few months. I have stayed at this weight and have gained strength and performance. While I don’t necessarily suggest it for everyone I bring it up because controlling your nutrition is a HUGE advantage that most don’t have.

What I am offering and what I have done for countless Crossfitters in the community and for my members for the past 4 years or so is a 30 day custom detailed meal plan. The plan is based on your current situation and your specific goals. The meal plan will provide the exact food you need to eat, amounts, timing, and everything else you will need to know. From hydration, to supplementation, to sleep, and so on. Also, I have discount codes to the products that I take and recommend if interested. I will also be available to help with any and all questions you have regarding the plan. I have some options for the cost of the meal plans. For the 30-day plan the price is $200. But my goal is for you to be successful so if you are interested in being a bit more committed and would like to sign up for 3 months the per month pricing drops dramatically to $150 per month. Let me know if you have any questions.”

You can email Coach Jeremy with questions at

One Month
  • Meal Plan for all your daily Meals
  • Customized for your Size/Needs/Goals
  • Supplementation Guidelines
3 Months
  • $150/Month
  • Meal Plan for all your daily Meals
  • Customized for your Size/Needs/Goals
  • Supplementation Guidelines


*Results may vary from person to person