8 Week Lifting Cylce: Back Squat and Shoulder Press

We are going to be starting an 8 week lifting cycle during our regular group classes at CrossFit Kinnick Upland and Ontario. On Monday, May 4th and Wednesday, May 6th we will be testing current 5RM (rep max) levels for Back Squat and Shoulder Press, respectively. Then for the following 8 weeks will we be doing 3×5 Back Squats during class on Mondays and 3×5 Shoulder Presses on Wednesdays. After the 8 week cycle, we will be retesting our 5RMs on July 6th and 8th. These lifts will be replacing our current 6 minute EMOMs during this time period. There will still be an Olympic Weightlifting EMOM (Snach or Clean & Jerk) in the later part of each week, but that format will be changing as well.

The Lifting Format

We will be performing the lifts as part of an EMOM, but we will be lifting every 2 minutes instead of 1. The lifting session will be 12 minutes long. Each athlete will be performing 3 sets of 5 as a warm-up followed but 3 sets of 5 across (same weight each set) at the working weight, which is a total of 6 sets. Here is an example of what it might look like.

Initial Back Squat 5RM: 225 lbs

E2MOM for 12 minutes:

5 @ 45lbs

5 @ 95lbs

5 @ 135lbs

3×5 @ 185lbs (~80% of 5RM)

Each week you will attempt to add 10 lbs to your Back Squat working weight and 5 lbs to your Shoulder Press working weight.

Class Format

The classes on Mondays and Wednesdays will be structured as following:

  • Dynamic warm-up with Daily Question
  • Bodyweight warm-up
  • Lifting EMOM
  • Metcon Workout (~7-20 minutes)

I want to encourage anyone who is serious about increasing their strength to commit to making it to the gym on these days. I think you’ll be very happy with your improvement if you do.