WLC Prelims!


CFK Homies, does this apply to you?

Why I need the Whole Life Challenge more than I think:

Because I haven’t set a PR on anything in a while.

Because I am asking myself “what’s a PR?”

Because Mocha Frappuccino’s have made their way back into my daily routine.

Because I can “pinch an inch” (or much more) on my waistline.

Because I’ve been half-assing it.

Because I’ve been watching someone else give it 110%, and I’ve seen their results.

Because it’s almost time for skinny jeans again.

Because I want those 5 damn dead hang pull ups.

Because the kids are back in school.

Because summer flew by along with my dreams for a summer body.

Because it’s football season.

Because those summer BBQs & beers have caught up with me.

Because I can afford $45.

Because I am not afraid of a little competition.

Because I’ve come this far.

Because I know I can be a better version of myself.

Because CrossFitters thrive with encouragement, goal-setting, and structure.


If that wasn’t motivation enough…

Prelims Update!

The prelims this Saturday will be run similar to how we ran the Reebok CrossFit Open.  For those of you who didn’t participant on the Open, the details are as follows:

  • Saturday from 8am to Noon (normal Saturday class schedule).
  • You can come at any time.
  • Once you arrive, you’ll need to sign up for an available time slot to perform the workout (every 30 min, first heat at 8:15 am).
  • Time slots are first come, first served.  (if you need to get it done early, SHOW UP EARLY!).
  • Measurements and pictures will be done either before or after your workout.  Since we are not taking a weight measurement, it won’t matter.
  • You will be responsible for warming yourself up for the workout.
  • If you absolutely can’t make it this Saturday, make-ups will be held Monday and Tuesday of the following week (this means you’ll likely be doing it on your own).
  • Make-ups can be during any class time on Monday and Tuesday in place of the daily WOD.

Workout Details
AMRAP (reps) in 9 minutes of:
7 kettlebell swings ( 24/16)
7 burpees
50m run (25m down and 25m back)
 – score is the total number of burpees and kettlebell swings

*the usual standards apply
*scaling options for the kettlebell swing will apply (you will perform the same version of the workout at the end of the 2 months)

Weigh-in Details
You will be measured at 6 different locations:
  • 1 & 2 – peak of your unflexed biceps (each arm)
  • 3 – Waist at the belly button
  • 4 – Hips at the peak of your buttocks
  • 5 & 6 – Thigh (each leg – 6″ above the top of your knee cap).
  • we will also take a “before” picture
  • try to wear appropriate clothing for accurate measurements

***REMEMBER, this isn’t just a day for the preliminary weigh-in and the workout.  Scoring for the categories begins first thing in the morning that same day.  The next day (Sunday) you’ll need to make your first post.  Start earning those points!

Don’t miss out on the action!  Sign up for the Whole Life Challenge before it’s too late!
Jake is a Head Trainer at CrossFit Kinnick. He has been CrossFitting for 8 years and has been a Trainer at CrossFit Kinnick for 6 years. His Certifications include: CrossFit Level 2 Instructor, USAW Sports Performance Coach. He earned his BA in Political Science from Cal Poly Pomona.