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Whole Life Challenge

Here it is folks!  Our next big nutrition challenge.  Over the years at CrossFit Kinnick, we’ve tried to make it a point to have at least one nutrition challenge a year.  It’s no secret how important diet is for meeting our performance goals inside of the gym and for meeting our weight loss/body composition goals outside of it.  After all, it is at the base of our athletic pyramid.  This time, though, we’re taking it a step further.  When you commit yourself to CrossFit, we ask you to work towards a complete lifestyle change (fitness, sleep, diet, mobility, etc.).  Shouldn’t our challenges, then, do the same?  The Whole Life Challenge will not only test your nutrition, but your fish oil supplementation, your mobility, and your workouts.  The goal is to get you to make a wholesale change that will last a life time.  Do you want to be better at life?Let’s get started!


The Whole Life Challenge runs from September 15th to November 10th.  That’s 8 weeks to develop good habits.  We’ll start out with a weigh-in and a baseline workout test.  We’ll retest for both at the end.  Every day you’ll have the chance to earn a possible 6 points.  Up to 3 points for nutrition, 1 for fish oil, 1 for mobility work, and 1 for working out. Requirements include : a Paleo-type diet, any fish oil of your choosing at any amount, and a minimum of 10 minutes of stretching/mobility and physical activity every day.  Simply log in to the website before 3pm and post your results for the PREVIOUS day.  Bonus points will also be available daily.  Visit the Whole Life Challenge Worldwide Rules for a complete list of  available daily points.

CFK Homies:  You are all fairly well educated in the art of diet and fish oil.  We still recommend you stick to your paleo-zone eating habits and atleast 3.5 grams of fish oil per day.



You and thousands of others from CrossFit Affiliates worldwide.  Think of it like the Reebok CrossFit Games Open, except this time you’re testing your lifestyle habits.  Yes, there are prizes for the winners, but more than anything you’re going to be developing good, healthy habits and, at the very least, you’ll learn to hold yourself accountable for your every day decisions.  Prizes will only be based on your ranking in your gym, so be sure to push each other!


This is an online competition.  We’ll be testing and retesting you for the baseline numbers at the gym, otherwise a majority of the battlegrounds will be your every day hot spots.  This means you’ll have to hold yourself accountable.  We can’t go to your homes and make sure you’re eating right.  We can’t make you come to the gym to workout.  All we can do is push you in the right direction.  The final decisions rests with you.  That’s the beauty of this challenge…by the end of it you’ll have learned to make more good decisions than bad ones.


The purpose of The Whole Life Challenge is to see what sort of impact you can have on your body,your fitness and your lifestyle habits over the course of 8 weeks, and to train in having a health and fitness practice that is practical and sustainable for the long term.   This is NOT a “best CrossFitter/most ripped abs” competition.  Even the newest CrossFit Kinnick member will be able to hang with the crafty veterans.  The real winners will be those that have learned to make the best decisions on a daily basis in order to achieve a long and healthy life.   Every CrossFit Kinnick trainer will be taking part.  We highly encourage you to do so as well.



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Jake is a Head Trainer at CrossFit Kinnick. He has been CrossFitting for 8 years and has been a Trainer at CrossFit Kinnick for 6 years. His Certifications include: CrossFit Level 2 Instructor, USAW Sports Performance Coach. He earned his BA in Political Science from Cal Poly Pomona.