“Training in the Offseason”


Andrew Perry brings us a great article/video from the Crossfit Journal by two amazing Crossfit Athletes Mikko Salo (2009 Crossfit Games Champion) and Dan Bailey (6th place at 2011 Games).  The Crossfit Journal is a phenomenal resource for learning about all things Fitness related. ~Jeremy

Just a reminder!! Crossfit is a life long journey. We are not
going to get better overnight. Here is a cool article on the training
plan of some beasts. – Andrew

CFJ OffSeason with Mikko Salo & Dan Bailey

“I’ve had it ingrained into my head by some coaches in the past that champions are made in the offseason, so I still put in a lot of work,” Bailey says. “It’s definitely dialed back a little bit, just the volume.”

Salo has a different training plan.

“I don’t think there is an off-season,” Salo says. “For me, like I focused on … my weaknesses, doing a bit different kind of strength training,” he says. “I believe you should be, like, 85-90 percent of your maximum results all the time.”