Ethan Doiron talks about an important aspect of the Crossfit Community.  He has been a part of the Crossfit Kinnick Family  even before it was Crossfit Kinnick, back in my 3-car garage.  One of the originals from mid 2007, he has grown into quite the Crossfitter and has a nice perspective that we all can benefit from in regards to Accountability.  Some of you may not know that he competed in the 2008 Crossfit Games as a teenager.  Now he is an integral part of the Training Team at Crossfit Kinnick.

“Nick wrote an awesome article last week about setting reasonable goals that can be reached one planned step at a time.  Now that is definitely the best way to go about improving your performance in Crossfit, setting goals that are attainable and then taking action.  That is an easy thing to say when you first start, but as time goes by, it will get more and more difficult to continue pushing for these goals BY YOURSELF.

This is where the community of CrossFit shows best in its rawest, brightest, most pure form… ACCOUNTABILITY.  Now do not get scared by that word, accountability is a great way to be kept on track to reach these different goals you have (weight lose, health, performance, etc) Accountability helps because it allows for you to share your goals and aspirations with other people, and these people can come along side you and motivate, encourage, at times scold for eating a cheat meal or two…but all-in-all these accountability buddies will give you a huge step forward in achieving these goals!!!

We as trainers are definitely here to help keep you on track, encourage you, and point you in the right directions. But I encourage all of you, share your goals with a couple of different people from the gym that you feel will really be an encouragement to you and bring them along side you as you strive to reach whatever goals you have set! Take the steps!!!”