Eat Real Food

Here is an alternative food pyramid from Balanced Bites.  The closer you follow this pyramid, the healthier you’ll be, and the better results you’ll see in the gym.  As always, you need to pay attention to having zone balanced meals,  but you’ll see a lot of improvement by just making better food choices and eating less processed foods.  Notice there are no grains, breads, or sugar on this pyramid.  They shouldn’t be in your cupboard either.  Now…go throw away some junk from your pantry!

  1. Diane @ Balanced Bites

    Thanks for sharing my article- I’m glad you liked it. One note…

    “As always, you need to pay attention to having zone balanced meals”

    I think that statement is a bit off… different people thrive on different macronutrient ratios. If I ate a Zone diet, I’d be starving all the time. I have done it. It’s a low-fat diet and does not feel good for everyone. Be careful of broadly generalized statements about how much of each kind of food every person should eat to be healthy, feel great and perform well!

  2. Jonathan

    At our gym we teach food measurement via zone blocks, but not necessarily a 40-30-30 macronutrient breakdown. That’s just the zone starting point, but in many places Dr. Sears talks about tweaking it for different people for different reasons. He talks about “athletes” needing up to 5x the base prescription for fat. Each of our clients has their own personal ratios depending on a variety of factors. Many of our clients eat 3-5x the base fat, and many eat less than the base carbs. It all depends on their performance and how they feel.

    The important point for us is that they know what they are eating, and how much. That way we can watch their performance, and how they are feeling, and tweak accordingly. It becomes very hard to know what tweaks they need if we don’t know what they are eating and how much.

    Although I agree that most people will see positive results from merely removing non-paleo foods from their diet, that will only get them so far. We want to have the ability to tweak their diet for optimum results. Without measuring, or a least paying some attention to quantities, it’s very hard to figure out where they need to go to improve.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Diane @ Balanced Bites

    Yep… I think it’s just funny that the Zone originally had a prescriptive set of ratios and then there’s also tweaking… that seems to negate the entire prescription to me. I think it’s smart to get people started and see how they feel and perform to tweak it– good plan. And yes, I agree that TONS of people have no concept of how much they’re actually eating or even under eating so weighing and measuring has a place for the newbies!

    Rock on- feel free to share posts of mine anytime.

    D 🙂