First Pull-up @ 59 years old!

Congratulations are in order!  If you have been to the 5pm or 6pm classes you can’t help but notice the bubbly personality in the video above!  If you don’t know her name its Teri Cappuccio and she is 59 years young.  She has been with us for 6 months and just got her first kipping pull ups. In 59 years of life she has never been able to complete one.  Simply amazing Teri!  She started off on ring rows like many of our clients do.  She progressed to thick bands on the pull up bar and steadily worked her way to smaller bands.  If she can do it so can you!  Its real simple.  Just continue to work hard in the warm up and before you know it the progression will take you to the same place Teri is right now.  The beauty of Crossfit is that we can make it work for all fitness levels and all walks of life.  Be sure to tell Teri congrats on her accomplishment.  Great work Teri!  We are all so very proud of you and proud to be your trainers!  Keep it up.

Jeremy is a Head Trainer and the Gym Manager at CrossFit Kinnick. He is a veteran CrossFit Games Athlete having represented the So Cal region 4 times at the CrossFit Games Finals. He is a CF-L2 Trainer and USAW Sports Performance Coach. He also holds many specialty certifications. His passion is helping regular people realize their goals and dreams.
  1. Heather

    Congratulations Teri! I did my first one that same night but when Jeremy went to video tape me I lost my mind and couldn’t do one…I guess I have a bad case of camera shyness!! Way to go!!

  2. Erik

    Congrats from Los Angeles. Very motivating!

  3. Karen W

    Congratulations Teri (and Heather). It’s a fantastic achievement and you should be rightly proud of yourselves!

  4. Autumn-

    You are a rock star! Very exciting. Congrats Teri.

  5. JoAnn

    As one youngster to another (I’m 60!) you are my role model! I hope to get my first pull-up within the next 6 months! Congrats to you!

  6. Foose

    Awesome! We shared the link on our boards way to go.

  7. Lydia Velarde

    What a cute lady I love her! and such an inspiratation. Congrats to Teri and Heather. Lydia from San Diego.

  8. Lydia Velarde


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  10. Ash

    Awesome!!! Great job!!

  11. C musgrave

    This is a great example of dedication and grit! Nice work Teri!! Very inspiring.
    Part of what I like about CF is that there are Teri’s, in gyms big and small all over just poring there heart into there work. Keep it up!!

  12. Terri

    Congratulatons Teri from North Carolina 🙂

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  14. john

    GREAT Job. So Super Awsome.

  15. Jaimie

    Teri, you are fabulous!

  16. Janice

    Congratulations Terri! I am 56 and have been crossfitting just over 2 years but have yet to get an unassissted pull up. You give me hope!