Mike & Val O’brien – Morning Zone Prep

Hey everyone!  We are back with an awesome video from Mike & Val.  They have been with Crossfit Kinnick since the beginning in the garage in 2007!  How time flies!  Needless to say they have been on The Zone for quite a while.  They have both seen amazing results.  Since starting the zone challenge Val has lost over 2% body fat.  She is under 20%.  For women you typically want to be between 15-20% depending on your body type and so forth.  Mike on the other hand hangs out around 13-14%.  For Mike he is more interested in gaining lean mass/muscle.  Since starting the Zone challenge he has put on over 5#s of muscle!  Great work you guys!

As I am sure you guys noticed they seem to work as a team with getting ready in the morning.  Not that they are helping each other get their food ready its more that they are both Zoning which makes life much easier.  So encourage your whole family to Zone with you.

Mike & Val work for Edison so they catch the train in the morning and get back just in time to hit a wod at the box.  They pack and prepare all their food in the morning so they can successfully stay in the Zone throughout the day.  Notice how they use simple foods like leftovers, turkey deli meat, packaged fruit cups, and thin bread slices.  They also have veggies and other great stuff as well.  Take some of their tips and use them when you are getting prepared for your day in the morning.  It doesn’t take much time and you will love the results of the little time you put into it in the morning.  Good luck my friends and be sure to thanks Mike & Val for opening their beautiful home to us so early in the morning.

Jeremy is a Head Trainer and the Gym Manager at CrossFit Kinnick. He is a veteran CrossFit Games Athlete having represented the So Cal region 4 times at the CrossFit Games Finals. He is a CF-L2 Trainer and USAW Sports Performance Coach. He also holds many specialty certifications. His passion is helping regular people realize their goals and dreams.
  1. George

    Great video!

  2. veronica

    LOVE all the family and their diet zone videos! Keep them coming!

  3. Cyndy

    You make it look easy! Thanks! Good job!