Zone Meal with the Kelley Family

If you go to Crossfit Kinnick you know who Blanca is.  She is an amazing athlete and the Zone has transformed her into a lean mean fighting machine.  You can tell by her before and after pictures as well as her awesome times and lifts on  She is an exceptional athlete but without the Zone and Crossfit she wouldn’t be able to do what she does everyday.  Here is Blanca showing us a simple but delicious meal that even someone as busy as her can do.  She is a mom, wife, works full-time in LA, and Crossfits at 6am 5 days a week.  You won’t hear any excuses coming out of her mouth.  If anything she pushes herself too much…if thats possible.  Take a look at her video and give it a try.  She uses both fruits and veggies for her Carbs and chicken for her protein and a good fat source.

Something I want you all to remember is this…  Once you have weighed and measured your Zone portions for a couple weeks you no longer have to weigh and measure.  After doing so for those 2 weeks you will be able to eyeball the amount or right portion.  I recommend checking your portions occasionally to make sure you are still close.   But don’t get too obsessed with it unless you are trying to compete at a high level.  I personally weigh and measure all of my protein.  For my veggies I eyeball it as well as for my fat.  If you don’t mind the weighing and measuring I say go for it.  The closer the portions are the better results you will see.  Have fun with it.

Jeremy is a Head Trainer and the Gym Manager at CrossFit Kinnick. He is a veteran CrossFit Games Athlete having represented the So Cal region 4 times at the CrossFit Games Finals. He is a CF-L2 Trainer and USAW Sports Performance Coach. He also holds many specialty certifications. His passion is helping regular people realize their goals and dreams.