Dinner w/ Jake Mannion – Zone Challenge 2011

We are back with another Zone Challenge Video.  This time Jake “The Chef” Mannion takes us through a delicious and great Zone meal.  Jake shows us how easy it can be to toss together a meal using pre-cut and pre-packaged food from Fresh n Easy.  I am sure you guys have noticed Jake has taken his fitness to a whole new level lately smashing PR’s left and right.  Not only that but his body has made a rapid transformation since introducing more vegetables into his meals.  If you have questions on how he made the switch from Chicken, Apples, and Cashews to Gourmet Chicken/Feta Cheese Salads be sure to ask him.  Thanks for the quick and delicious meal Jake.  Take some tips from Jake and have a great Salad tonight for dinner!

  1. Blanca

    That’s look super easy and delicious. If you’re trying to save some money, just cook up your chicken on Sunday night for the rest of the week!

  2. Miguel

    Question Blanca.. If you cook it on sunday how many days can it be good for??.. the Whole week?

  3. jeremy

    Usually 3-5 days Miguel.

  4. Jason

    Sunday is a cook day for my house. We cook for the whole week. Even if you do more than what you think you’ll grub on during the week that’s okay. For protein, I’ll cook 4 pounds of ground beef at one time plus roast a whole chicken plus whatever else I can think of. Get some freezer bags and toss the stuff in there (make sure to squeeze out the excess air). If you’re doing the zone, measure out your blocks, get smaller freezer bags, and then toss that stuff in each bag. You now have a meal ready to go that can go from the freezer to your lunch bag to the microwave (I guess some sort of dish/plate will have to come into play but you get the point). I wouldn’t recommend this with veggies but if you’re making a protein dish (soups, braised meats, chili, etc.), for sure. Planning food for the week is a great way to avoid the sodium drenched gamble that is eating out.

  5. jeremy

    Great tips for everyone Jason. Having your protein prepared ahead of times is key. I will be doing a video soon about prepping food. Keep getting after it everyone!!