CrossFit Kinnick at the OC Throwdown: Day 1

Christina Pushing the Prowler. She did great on this event!

The first day of the OC Throwdown is over, and we have 3 athletes currently in the top 5 of the Elite division!!! Way to go Beth (1st), Jeremy (2nd), and Veronica (tied for 5th)!!! Check back tomorrow for the final results of the competition.

Local competitions are a great way to get involved in the CrossFit community and really challenge yourself. The OC Throwdown, like many local CrossFit competitions, have many different divisions you can compete in. I want to take a second and recognize Christina for participating in her first CrossFit competition! She has been doing great so far, and has really given it everything she has. Thank you for challenging yourself and I  hope more of us at CrossFit Kinnick will follow your lead and join a competition as well. There are various challenges going on all the time, so let a trainer know if you’d like to find one that’s a good fit for you.

Veronica doing Deadlifts during WOD#1

Beth Cranking out Kettlebell Swings during WOD#2

  1. Sarah Rod

    Congrats to all of you CF Kinnick atheletes! You all did incredible!!! Very lucky to have such wonderful coaches/athletes at your facility! It was an honor to compete next to you guys!! Congrats Beth!! 1st place is HUGE!!!!

    Sarah Rod

  2. Jonathan

    Thanks Sarah. Congrats again on your 2nd place finish, you did awesome out there!