Lunch time Feast with Jeremy

Hey guys!  I am back with another simple yet delicious and very ZONE friendly lunch.  I started this one off with sauteing mushrooms and about 3 cloves of garlic in canola oil.  Then I tossed in 1 chopped up zucchini, 6 spears of asparagus (which I forgot to mention in the video) chopped up as well, and some chopped up broccoli.  I was supposed to toss in a couple brussel sprouts but I forgot them.  I finished off with a can of organic diced tomatoes from Costco.  They are a block and a half of carbs a nice way to mix things up and completely change the flavor of a dish.  After the video turned off I chopped up my chicken and weighed it and put 4oz in the pan.  The total time for the whole meal from start to finish was about 10 mins.  It tasted great too!  I seasoned it with garlic, sea salt, and pepper.  Those are my staples for seasoning.

Hope you all can get some good ideas for your meals but remember to mix things up and keep it interesting or else you will burn out.  I used to eat chicken, apples, and almonds for most of my meals.  That got old quickly.  So do yourself a favor and learn from my mistakes.  Try new things and eat lots of veggies when possible.  Keep the questions coming I am here for you all.  Up next is Jake Mannion, Chef Extraordinare!  After that I will be doing some fun things with greens and salads and grass fed ground beef!  Stay Tuned.