Newest Red Shirt!!!

Check out Phil showing off his newly acquired RED SHIRT!  Phil is the 3rd person at the gym to achieve this status.  Great work Phil.  He is quickly becoming one of the top athletes at the gym.  Phil is a hard worker and noticed a huge improvement in his overall performance while working on his RED SHIRT.  It makes sense if you think about it.  The colored shirts are representative of broad and general fitness.  Meaning…you have to be pretty good at everything.  From running, to core strength, to powerlifting, and so forth.  So working on those weaknesses will make you a better athlete and Crossfitter.

He had 1 month to complete all the tasks for the RED SHIRT. It was down to the wire, but he got it all in. Show Phil some love with some comments here and/or tell him good job.  You will probably see him in his RED SHIRT, I am pretty sure he sleeps in it most nights.  Great work Phil!!!!  Keep it up bud.  My question to all of you is…Who is next??  Challenge yourself guys.  Especially with the Zone Challenge going on.  Great time to start it up or finish up your Shirt.

  1. Claudia

    Congrats!! First time I met u was for the team WOD new years eve and you really are a stud! Keep it up and keep inspiring others.

  2. Adrienne Pankratz Ruiz

    Great work Phil! You are really an inspiration and proof that hard work pays off.

  3. Veronica

    Good Job phil! Can I borrow your shirt? LOL