Zone Challenge: Meal Timing

Some of you have been wondering when you should be eating. It is very important that you don’t go too long without eating. It will mess up your insulin levels, which will slow down your fat loss. Here are some tips:

  • Eat within 1 hour of waking up.
  • Eat within 3-4 hours of a full meal
  • Eat within 2-3 hours of a small meal/snack
  • Eat within 1 hour of going to bed.

Follow these tips and you will start seeing better results!

  1. Heather Witherow

    I’ve been doing 3 block meals and 2-2 block snacks…should I switch to doing 1-2 block and 1-1 block snack?

  2. Jonathan

    No, you are fine where you’re at. Your total blocks will be based on your weigh-in. 13 and 14 blocks are also very common for taller women.

  3. Miguel

    Nice.. these Zone tips are really helpful Jonathan.. keep em coming.. Keep your Bro posting those cooking videos of meals.. helps a Single guy like myself

  4. jeremy

    We have more coming for you Miguel. Heck I think one should come out tomorrow. Lunch time and Dinner maybe. Keep it up guys!!