Phil got his Blue Shirt!!!

If you’re wondering why Phil is grinning from ear to ear, you’re not alone. The reason for his excitement is he just got his Blue Shirt!  Congratulations are in order!  Ok, the real reason he has the cheesy grin and the thumbs up is because I made him do it. But nonetheless, he just finished up the Basic Level and received his Blue Shirt.

The story behind the Levels is to give people goals and a way to test yourself against overall fitness.  I want to encourage all of you, if you have not completed your Basic Level and received your shirt, to get after it.  Ask one of the trainers if you have any questions.  The lists are on the wall below the corresponding shirt.  Check it out and get started on it.  We allow you to arrive early to class and stay late.  I know you are all social butterflies and love spreading your wings but take a few minutes each day and tackle a task or 2 and get closer to receiving your shirt!  Phil was extremely motivated to get his shirt so he can wear it in the 2nd Crossfit Kinnick Fun Run!!

  1. George


  2. Heather Witherow

    Nice job Phil!!!

  3. jeremy

    Thats right Phil! Great work buddy! Your hard work sure is paying off. Keep it up.