A Day in the Zone

Here is about a 6 minute video of a day of eating Zone with Erik Fay, trainer and top athlete at Crossfit Kinnick. This is the first of many Video’s of our trainers and top athletes daily Zone meals. The goal of these video’s is to better prepare you guys and give you different food ideas so that you can successfully eat a clean and balanced diet. Enjoy. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  1. julianne kinnick

    We count the carbs in peanut butter too???

  2. Erik Fay

    For simplicity no. PB can be viewed as just fat.

  3. jeremy

    Everyone’s body is different and the Zone accounts for that which is why once you have been doing it strict for a while you may need to tweak your intake. Erik has been on the Zone for a long time and is well educated in the field. I do not count the carbs in my peanut butter but like I said we all need to tweak the amounts to best fit our body for optimal performance and health. What we do recommend is following the handout that we passed out during the Foundation Class. If you follow the Zone for a prolonged period of time we can talk about tweaking things to see if there is room for improvement. That handout is Crossfit Journal #21. Great question Julianne. Above all just eat clean and balanced.

  4. Blanca

    Awesome video for beginners! It’s easy!

  5. Lonna

    Thank you for the video. I am excited to learn more about the blocks – it’s all new to me.