The Dan Chronicles Part 4

Our friendly neighborhood swordsmen Dan Thompson is at it again. This video is from the middle of September as Dan is finishing up some work on a newly learned skill, Push Jerk. Since then Dan has been diligently working on his flexibility and depth in the squat as well as his explosiveness due to the extra work he is putting in before and after class. He is making great progress and as of his last weigh in, November 5th, Dan is down 22#’s of fat in less than 3 months!! Great work! Consistency is the key and if you ask Dan that’s exactly what he will tell you. Let’s step back and take a look at the big picture. Sometimes starting new things such as a workout regimen (Crossfit) or a new way of eating can be overwhelming. Have your goal in the back of your mind while you focus on today, on what you WILL do today to get one step closer. Before you know it you will be reaching and surpassing your goals. Keep up the great work everyone!!! Lets show Dan some love in the Comments.

  1. Ethan Doiron

    DAN IS AWESOME!!!! i wish i had the dedication he has. i would probably be fit haha