Blanca Kelley - Ripped Flexing 2

We have some amazing female athletes at our gym. Blanca is one of them!  Here is Blanca showing off both sides of herself.  The fun outgoing side and the strong Crossfit woman side! Look at those guns and that 6-pack!!! Oh and dont forget that smile ear to ear.  You better believe shes happy with her results!  Incredible!!  Its been 1 year since giving birth to her beautiful daughter Solena and she is stronger, faster, and more powerful than ever before.  After having her baby she was at 33% body fat which is expected after giving birth.  12 months later she is about 20% body fat, as you can tell in the picture!  She is an amazing athlete cranking out pull ups, push ups, ring dips, and working on muscle ups and handstand push ups!  This is what happens when you are consistent and work hard.  If you ask her what her secret is she will more than gladly tell you.  “Crossfit and Zone, theres no secret pill to get these results.  Just hard work and consistency.”  Great job Blanca!  You’re an inspiration to us all.  Also, just so you guys know. Blanca is married with a child, a full time job, and she is an Army Reservist.  If she can make time to eat right and get in the gym 4-5 times a week then anyone can.  Keep up the great work Blanca!!!

Get some!!  Army/Crossfit Strong!!!!

  1. Blanca

    Get some!!!

  2. Ethan Doiron

    Blanca is a BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Michele (CFLV)

    Way to go Blanca!!

  4. Klit

    Looks like the hulk before he smashes something

  5. Amy

    Seriously, you are AWESOME!!!

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