Beyond the Whiteboard Staff!

Corey showing his solid form on the Clean & Jerk

All of the guys who work for Beyond the Whiteboard are avid Crossfitters @ Crossfit Kinnick. Talk about a group of guys who work hard and love Crossfit! Above is a short clip of Corey doing a Clean & Jerk during a 1 rep max of Singles. Hard work and consistency sure has paid off for Corey. Keep up the great work.

Videos are fun to watch and are very useful tools for coaching and as an athlete. It allows you to see what you are doing and get a better understanding of how to make the necessary changes to your form. This is especially useful with movements like the Clean & Jerk. With this video we can see Corey jumping forward to get under the bar. Usually jumping forward is caused by not finishing the pull or not completely opening the hips. This error is easily fixed. Now Corey can see what is happening and this will allow his brain to get a better understanding of what his body is doing. Perfecting the Olympic Lifts is an ongoing journey, so keep working hard and focusing on your form.