The Dan Chronicles Part 1

If you have ever wondered who the bearded-barefoot Viking running around the gym and hitting the pavement shoeless is…Its Dan Thompson! If you haven’t met him please do so. Dan is a great guy and loves Crossfit and the Zone! Here is a video clip of Dan after Day 3 of Foundations. Dan is a Live Steel Combatant Re-enacter who specializes in weapon usage. So basically he fights with real weapons for a living, functional right? In my opinion, Dan is a man’s man! Keep up the great work! If you don’t recognize him its because this video was taken in August and Dan has lost around 20 pounds since then. This is Part 1 of “The Dan Chronicles” we will have more videos to come.

  1. Ethan Doiron

    dang i saw Dan showing off some of his techniques at the gym. that was intense. He is on my team if zombies take over the world

  2. paul perez

    i took my first foundations class with Dan, from one big guy to another, keep up the hard work