Results of the Zone Challenge!!!

The results are in! Our Top Male Winner is Erick Trigueros Jr. and our Top Female Winner is Jaycee Jones! Erick lost 26.7% and Jaycee lost 19.2%! Amazing you guys simply amazing! Keep up the great work. The race was so close I wanted to recognize the Top 5 Males and Females.


  1. Erick Trigueros Jr.- 26.7%
  2. Andrew Allaire – 25.9%
  3. Danny O’brien – 16.9%
  4. Hector Feliciano – 13.6%
  5. John O’brien – 11.1%


  1. Jaycee Jones – 19.2%
  2. Diane Estrella – 17.9%
  3. Elaine Clemente – 16.5%
  4. Amy Kinnick – 14.3%
  5. Julianne Kinnick – 14.2%

Great Job everyone! I am so proud of everyone involved in the Zone Challenge. Making a change in your eating habits can be tough but if you stick with it you will reap the benefits in many ways. I want to congratulate everyone who lost even 1# of Fat! I will be posting pictures of our 2 winners in the next couple of days so keep your eyes open for that. Also, I am going to add up all the fat that we, as a gym, lost during the Zone Challenge! The winners of this challenge were the individuals who lost the highest percentage of their starting body fat percentage.

I would also like to  announce the top male and female who lost the most fat weight during the 4 week challenge. The biggest loser for the males is Dan Thompson, who lost 12#’s of Fat.  For the females, the biggest loser is Diane Estrella who lost 15#’s of fat!

Again I want to say GREAT JOB!!! The next Challenge has already begun. I am so excited to see who will win this time!!! Good luck to everyone and as you know, your Crossfit Kinnick staff is always available for questions and assistance. Eat Clean my friends!

  1. Julianne Kinnick

    Very nice!!! That’s really amazing, especially Dan and Diane. Hopefully more people will get in this next challenge and lose even more!

  2. Danny O.

    It makes me sad because after measuring in today, my new score would have been 27.19% 🙁 lol