Our Pregnant Crossfitter

Here is a quick video of Veronica in the middle of a workout. If you didn’t notice she is pregnant and still going hard! She is an amazing athlete and we are so happy for her and her husband Tony. Veronica still does the same workout that everyone else is doing we just modify the movements so they are more pregnant friendly. Keep up the great work Veronica your little one is almost here!

I also wanted to congratulate Danny and Claudia Morel on their brand new baby boy! Micah Morel was born on September 22, 2009 weighing in at 7lbs 4ounces. Congrats guys!! I know Claudia is ready to get back in here. Cant wait to see you guys!!

  1. Veronica Bocanegra

    7 more weeks!!

  2. Lynay

    Veronica–thanks for posting your video! I love seeing pregnant women doing “regular” activities (I guess only CrossFitters would consider workouts regular). Pregnancy is a normal physiological event, not an illness! Keep it up…may you have a wonderful labor and birth! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!