Dr. Barry Sears – Founder of The Zone Diet

Dr. Barry Sears is a brilliant man and is the founder of The Zone Diet.  Because of the very close relationship he has with Coach Greg Glassman (founder of Crossfit) he gave a FREE Zone Diet Seminar in the Orange County area a couple months ago.  The Crossfit Journal released some Free Videos covering this event.  So far there are 5 videos that I would encourage everyone to watch.  Especially if you are serious about being healthy, fit, and performing well.  Here are the links to the videos:

Parts 1-3

Part 4 (fish oil): Diet, Inflammation and Disease

Part 5: Diet, Inflammation and Disease

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In order to be able to read and recieve the Crossfit Journal you have to pay a $25 yearly fee.  That allows you to go back into all the archived Journals as well.  Every serious Crossfitter should subscribe to the Journal.  Here is the Link:  Crossfit Journal

  1. Danny O

    so…basically…fish oil is the miracle drug. lol

  2. Jeremy Kinnick

    Absolutely correct! The key is to not eat them when you think they are an almond….right Danny?

  3. Anabel

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE Zoning!!!! =]
    [thanks 4 introducin it 2 me Amy & fam]