Zone Challenge

ZoneChallenge-smallWe would like to thank everyone for coming out to the Zone Workshop on the 22nd.  There was a huge turnout and we had a great time explaining and sharing the Zone Diet with everyone in attendance.  Now that you have all the tools, knowledge and know-how….Its time to announce and begin our Zone Challenge!!!!  This is a very exciting time for me because everyone that gets involved will see the most amazing results physically, mentally, and your performance will go through the roof!  If you are on the fence about joining the Challenge…Please do yourself a favor and give it a try.  If you don’t notice any changes to your body or performance, then just stop.

The Zone Challenge will begin this upcoming week, August 24th-29th, and will last for 4 weeks.  During this next week take the time to have your trainer do a weigh in and take a picture.  Whatever day you start on, you will end on.  Example…If you do your weigh in on Monday then the challenge will end in 4 weeks on that Monday.  There will be a 5 dollar buy in for everyone involved and the Top Male and Top Female will split the pot.  We will conduct weigh ins every week on the day of the week you started.  The winner will be the male or female who loses the highest percentage of body fat percentage.  So if you lose 10% of your body fat percentage and someone else loses 11% of their body fat percentage…the person who loses 11% of their body fat percentage is the winner.  But really everyone involved will be a winner.  You will be healthier, leaner, and you will look great and feel great!  Not to mention your performance in your workouts will be unbelievable!!  Good luck and again I encourage everyone to get involved!  See you at the gym!

  1. jeremy

    Who’s up for the Challenge??

  2. Klitgaard

    I am in. I guess I have to cut down on my beer intake though.

  3. Kala Buck

    I am in. Worth a try!

  4. Danny Morel

    I’m in!

  5. Trina McCurdy

    NOW we’re talking…I love this kind of stuff…I am so competitive!

  6. John O'Brien

    Is this open to everyone or just those that attended the seminar?

  7. Julianne Kinnick


  8. Jeremy Kinnick

    Nice!!! Be sure to get a weigh in done this week and we will take a picture of you as well. The “Pot” is growing!

  9. Julianne Kinnick

    John, It’s open to everyone!!!

    DO we have to do a weigh in? Lol. I already know how many blocks I need….I don’t wanna embarrass myself with a weigh in.

  10. Jeremy Kinnick

    Everyone has to weigh in by Saturday this week, as well as pay the $5 cash to the pot. If you don’t weigh in and pay by Saturday you wont be part of the challenge. We need the weigh in so that we have a starting point for everyone. Try to get weighed in earlier in the week so you don’t have to wait around on Saturday.

  11. Anita Wilhite

    Count me in!

  12. colleeeen

    Ahhh, wish I lived closer, cousin. I try to repress my competitiveness, but this sounds like a good reason to let it out. Have fun, crazy Crossfitters!