Fight Gone Bad 4: One Day, One Brutal Workout, One Purpose!

On Saturday, September 26th CrossFit Kinnick will be joining CrossFit Affiliates worldwide by hosting and participating in the fourth annual ‘Fight Gone Bad‘ event.  The Event will start at 10:30am and will kick off with heats of Fight Gone Bad, we will also be BBQing so please bring your friends and family to the event, the more the merrier. Please let us know who is coming and how many people you plan on bringing so we have enough food to feed everyone.  We would like everyone to be involved in this event so please email me at and let me know how you would like to help.  If you aren’t sure what to do ask me I will fill you in.  Thanks.

Fight Gone Bad is a fundraising event held to benefit prostate cancer research via Athletes for a Cure and our injured members of the Armed Forces via the Wounded Warrior Project.

Crossfit Kinnick is NOW registered as an Affiliate Team!

Safeway has agreed to

match all FGB donations

up to $1 million!!

Anyone of us can participate by registering as a part of the CrossFit Kinnick Affiliate Team, just go to click the “Register” button and search for CrossFit Kinnick. If you have any questions let us know.

You do not have to donate to be part of the workout, nor do you have to do it as prescribed in order to be a part of the FUNdraiser! We encourage you to donate if possible. Donations range from $1 – $1000+.

There are t-shirts and other individual prizes for raising specific amounts of money, so you are all encouraged to set fundraising goals then strive to reach them!

Fundraising requires nothing more than sending a few emails right from your registration page. (See Fundraising Tips on the page)

The highest Fundraising Affiliate with 25 or more Team Members wins $5,000 worth of equipment from our sponsor, Rogue Fitness.

The highest Fundraising Affiliate with less than 25 Team Members wins $5,000 worth of equipment from our sponsor, Rogue Fitness.

Can we do it? I think we can–and even if we don’t the money raised goes to two great causes so lets get started!

Go and register today, send out your fundraiser e-mails, facebook notices, tweets, whatever, just get involved and get to the gym to get ready, cause FGB4 is coming soon.

Want to know more?
The rules are here:
Why we’re doing it is here: