29th “Fittest Man on Earth”


Jeremy yelling his way through the 4th workout on Saturday!We would like to congratulate Jeremy Kinnick on placing 29th in the 2009 Crossfit Games in Aromas, Ca this past weekend.  At the 2008 Crossfit Games he finished in 79th place and we are very proud of his hardwork and dedication to strict form/full ROM, clean eating (strict zone), and consistent work on weaknesses.  It is amazing what 1 year of strict zone and consistent crossfit will do.  We have a lot of great pictures and some videos of his workouts that we will post as soon as we can get them together.  Here is a video from the mainsite that includes Jeremy during the 7.1k Run (the first of 5 events on saturday).  “The Run from Hell” [wmv] [mov].  Saturday consisted of 5 workouts with the top 16 continuing to Sunday for 3 more workouts.

Saturday’s Five Events

Day 1 Highlights… [wmv] [mov]

Men’s Final Results

  1. Sarah Rod

    Jeremy congrats again! I know I’ve told you a million times on facebook, but seriously man, AMAZING job last weekend! 29th fittest man on the planet is a pretty awesome title to have! Just know, us folks at CFLV really look up to ya!

  2. jeremy

    Thank you again soo sooo much. I am still on cloud 9! Thanks!