Jeremy’s Athlete Profile is up on the CrossFit Games Site!!!

Check it out!!! Athlete Profile – Jeremy Kinnick.  Who else is going up with us to watch the games July 10-12th in Aromas, CA?  You can sign-up as a spectator here:  Spectator Registration

We had a big group go last year (over 20) and we’d like to see even more support this year.  We’ve gotta go cheer Jeremy on!!

  1. Jeremy Kinnick

    is it ok if Im a lil giddy about having my athlete profile up on the Games site? Hahahaha Ya everyone who can should sign up and head up to the games. We all stayed in Hotels near the site and it was such an amazing experience. Plus I wouldnt mind the cheers and support! Jonathan dont forget about our athletes that will be competing in the affiliate cup!

  2. michael c

    I don’t know how you can maintain your composure when inside you must be jumping up and down. Damn fine work both in maintaining and qualifying. You are now one of the fittest athletes in the world. Olympics next?

  3. Veronica Bocanegra

    Tony and I are planning on going! yay! We are proud of you Jeremy. You worked very hard and it payed off.

  4. Jeremy Kinnick

    Thanks Michael! No Olympics for me. Unless then put crossfit in the olympics and they allow old guys like me in hehehe.

    Its going to be an amazing time up there. I really hope everyone who can make it goes! Its very motivational to say the least. I expect a lot of our athletes to start training harder for next years regional qualifiers, affiliate cup, and games!

    Thanks Veronica! Giermaine was about 8 months pregnant last year. So if you don’t mind the heat you will be good to go!!

  5. Veronica Bocanegra

    Love the heat!!! Bring it on!

  6. Steve Kinnick

    Way to go Jeremy. We will be at the games to cheer you on! See you there.