He did it!! 5th Place baby, Aromas here we come!!!

With a time of 16:26 on Sunday’s final workout, Jeremy jumped up to 5th place, securing a spot to represent the SoCal region at the CrossFit Games in Aromas, CA.  Here are the full results:  Men’s Results, Women’s Results

All of our athletes put out great efforts this weekend.  Kristen finished 13th in the 2nd workout, and 11th in the Final workout.  Danny, after a tough day on Saturday, came back and put out a solid effort on the Final workout.  Overall, Evan finished in 37th place and I (Jonathan) finished in 49th.  Top 50 baby!!

Now it’s time for Jeremy to turn his attention toward prepping for July, and for all our of Affiliate Cup hopefuls to start stepping up their game.  We are bringing a team of 3 guys and 3 girls to compete in the Affiliate Cup at the games.  Who’s ready?  3-2-1 GO!!!

  1. Ben

    Hell yea. go Jeremy.

  2. Julianne Kinnick

    Jub is a ballahhhhh.

    and im SO ready for this affiliate cup…gotta represent.

  3. Julianne Kinnick


  4. danny

    yeeeuh! jeremy is a beast.
    i dream to be as tight as him someday.
    Affiliate Cup here we come! let’s show em what CrossFit Kinnick is all about!!!!

  5. Suffer

    Excellent Work by your entire crew. I was very pleased to watch you all…Jeremy screamed his way through those last box jumps…what a machine! I am very happy that you are heading into the Affiliate Cup. We will be right there with you…

    Again…Excellent work!

    Coach LeClair
    Team CrossFit Academy

  6. Vaughn CF EM

    Great job out there! good luck at the games Jeremy.

  7. Ethan Doiron

    got any video of the peeps that competed at the qualifiers????

  8. Jonathan

    Yeah, we have full video of all 3 workout for Jeremy and me. We’ll upload them soon.

  9. Jeremy Kinnick

    Thanks for all the support at the Qualifiers Coach LeClair! It will be a pleasure seeing you and your team in Aromas!

    Thanks Vaughn!

    Im working on the videos… Should have them up and ready to go shortly.