It works the other way as well

Not everyone needs to gain weight like Michael.  Some would prefer to shed a few pounds of body fat.  Before CrossFit, Jeremy was definitely in the latter category.  On the left, he was 215.  A few months prior to that he was pushing 235.  Today, he hangs comfortably around 190.  Pictured here his body fat is a couple points higher than his lowest, but his performance is better at this level.

You can look at his PRs here to see what his athletic capacity is now.  Would you believe me if I told you that his first Rx’d Fran took him over 17 minutes, and that was after he had been CrossFitting for about 3 months?  With CrossFit, anyone can see incredible improvements.  It just takes commitment and consistency.  I’ll put up some of the progress pictures of our female clients, if I can get any of them to agree to it.  Wish me luck.

  1. danny

    no worries
    as was i.

  2. Jeremy Kinnick

    Gotta love the freaking buddha belly in the blue shirt!! Zone and Crossfit (PERIOD)!

  3. Nick

    your a fieeeend! and an inspiration to us all. i know i wanna be jeremy kinnick when i grow up hahaha

  4. julianne kinnick

    i love how you can click on 235 and jona put a beast picture of you
    good job brother!!!