Michael O’Brien: Then and Now

Michael has been CrossFitting since January 2008.  He has put on 25# of muscle since he started, and has seen incredible performance gains.  He eats Zone and works out consistently.  Before CrossFit, Michael had never weight-trained, and didn’t play High School sports.  He is a musician, about to graduate from Cal Poly Pomona.  I can confidently say that CrossFit has made him an Athlete, and a pretty beastly one at that.

  1. danny

    my brother isn’t skin and bones anymore!!!

  2. jeremy kinnick

    WOW MIKE!! Its crazy to look at pre-crossfit pictures. Thats hardwork, determination, and consistency right there. Great Job! Not only does crossfit give you muscles but it also gives Tattoos. Hope crossfit gives me a cool one like Mike!

  3. Mike O'Brien

    Haha I wish I got the tattoo by working out – would be a lot cheaper. But yes – I thank Crossfit for being the only program that makes me actually want to work out – because you actually see real results!

  4. Jeremy Kinnick

    Ya like bursting ABS!!!! FIEND!! I think your head looks bigger too. I have a theory that Crossfit makes your brain grow. Think about it… being able to keep track of your reps and rounds while dying in the middle of a WOD. Need I say more?

  5. julianne kinnick

    yeah, basically this picture is extremely bursting. way to go mike!

  6. matt kovach

    good work man