Kristie Gets 5 Full ROM Air Squats

When Kristie first started CrossFit, she could barely get a 1/4 depth Air Squat.  Now she can do them full depth in sets of 5.  Awesome work Kristie.

  1. Jake

    That’s so awesome Kristie! Keep up the good work.

  2. danny

    that’s so tight!
    i love seeing people getting better at stuff.
    just shows how cool crossfit is 🙂

  3. john

    keep it up Kristie. the next video of you i want to see is you lifting that yellow tire.

  4. Nick

    i second danny! 🙂 great work keep it up!

  5. Veronica Bocanegra

    Go Kristie!!!

  6. John O

    Way to go Kristie!